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Our Program

We’ve been working hard on this program for 5 years. Ideal Fitness will train you as if you were right next to us. We put your reps, sets, and even how many exercises you should do for each muscle group. We give tips to make sure you’re getting the results you want. If you’re having trouble or need assitance we are standing by to help you.

Killer Value For Your Money

Stop wasting your time with overpriced trainers or diet plans. Online or at home programs shouldn’t cost an arm or leg. That’s why you’ve come here. Come on! We put the workouts up, and you do them. It’s that easy. So for only $9.99 what’s there to think about? You know, $9.99 is like those…..oh never mind.

Healthy Choices

A variety of 14 recipes will be added every two weeks providing you the best guidance on how to eat like a pro. We’ll also add 2-3 shakes for those who love a great smoothie. Last, we suggest healthy snacks so we can help you get to that next meal.


Great part about this is wherever you are you can do it.

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